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1.After grinding wheel installed,the machine should be idle for 1-2 minutes,and then get to use. During operation,the operators need to wear goggles,Dust masks, Gloves and other safety products.

2.The operation speed of grinding wheel shouldn’t exceed the trademark showed,when using the pneumatic grinder,especially when multiple machines use the same gas source,it must be take a good control of the air pressure, to prevent air pressure is too large to exceed the max.speed, causing grinding wheel broken and hurt somebody.

3.When use the wheel to slowly into force, if take into excessive force,the grinding wheel prone to  wheel prine to stalling and stuck and break up,if there is to be stuck, please lift the grinding wheel immediately to avoid grinder burned or grinding wheel broken.

4.Before cutting,grinding workpiece,it must be fixed.
Do not allow to stand people in front of operating.
Do not allow multiple workpieces stacked cut,in order to avoid grinding wheel stuck and broken, Causing an accident.

5.Do not use the side of cutting wheel to grinding;
During cutting, do not allow to put extra pressure on the side of cutting wheel.