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The quality of Yakexi Abrasives is in the same level as the products of the same industry. It has strong attacking power, blocking power, making your customers more satisfied, more loyal and trustworthy, and use it once in a lifetime.
After the cooperation of Yakexi, Yakexi provides you with a holistic marketing plan to help you change from selling products to selling brands. The company has a marketing specialist to help you develop distributors and showcase the cost performance of products, from price to value. Your profits doubled and you seized more market share and became one of the best.
The company has more varieties of abrasive products, making your procurement, warehousing and distribution more convenient.
Yakexi's excellent corporate culture, advanced business model, high-quality research and development, production and marketing team, standardized management system, strict testing standards, quality control, brand reputation, popularity, etc., comprehensive competition in the abrasive industry Power is in the forefront, and working with Yakexi can enhance the brand image of your store.
Implantation of corporate culture: It can help you attract talents, cultivate talents, retain talents, use talents, let employees become a family, be materially wealthy, grow together in business, and be happy together in spirit.
Team building: Let the boss become an entrepreneur, the manager become a boss, and the employee becomes a marketing elite. Enhance leadership, execution, and productivity
Standardized management: help you break through the bottleneck of management, the bottleneck of development, and thus from small to large, from weak to strong.
1. In the provincial and municipal markets, it is a professional shop that wears abrasives. And the sales of abrasive products in the local area reached the top three.
2. Have a strong desire to develop, be a brand awareness, and agree with the development philosophy and brand chain business model of the company.
3, highly agree with the company's culture and rules, willing to constantly improve their personality, work attitude, professional ability, have a strong sense of industry to serve the country, want to be the boss of entrepreneurs.
4, To join the brand chain, you must first do the provincial and municipal distributors of Yaxi, and sell the products of Yakexi with an annual sales of more than 5 million yuan.
5, Chengzhao provincial and municipal level total distribution: the provincial first year sales capacity of more than 2 million yuan, the city level of more than 500,000 yuan, continued to increase by more than 50%.