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Corporate Culture Training

Corporate culture is the core competitiveness of an enterprise. Since its establishment, Yakexi has attached great importance to the construction and cultivation of corporate culture. For each employee and agent who joins Alex, the company has a complete set of corporate culture training programs. The Yaxi people always firmly believe that only the combination of "soft" and "hard" strengths can make the company always invincible, so that every franchisee can get tangible benefits.
Product Knowledge Training
The company has specialized product knowledge training courses and provides professional technical and knowledge training free of charge. We strive to make every customer who is interested in our products fully grasp the knowledge of “Yakexi” abrasive tools.
Pre-Opening Guidance
In the early stage of the opening of the franchise store, the company will conduct pre-training and targeted market guidance for the franchisees.
Promotional Material Support
The company provides samples of promotional materials such as terminal POP, posters, and roll-ups for all participating agents.
Logistics Distribution Support
The company implements a humanized logistics distribution policy, and the franchisee submits an application. The company headquarters provides franchisees with services such as cargo transportation and exchange.