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The correct choice of cutting blades

Although there are many types of cut pieces on the market, how to choose the right suitable cut piece is the most important. Today we will come to understand the correct choice of cutting blades.

First, the occasion of use

When we choose the cutting piece, we first choose the right one depending on the occasion of the cutting piece. Because the performance requirements of the cutting blades are different for different applications, it is important to choose a reasonable cutting blade. We need to choose the cutting piece according to the occasion we use, which can increase the safety factor, improve work efficiency and reduce our use cost.

Second, the choice of cutting blades for ordinary cutting machines

Ordinary cutting machines usually refer to fixed cutting machines, cutting machines with a power of <3 kW and a rotational speed of 2900 rpm. Ordinary cutters typically cut workpieces that are less than 50 mm in diameter. However, due to the small cutting power in order to reduce the radial frictional resistance, we usually choose a cutting piece with a thickness of 3.2 mm. The cut piece is thinner and has a certain elasticity, and it feels sharper when cut.

Third, high power cutting machine cutting blade selection

High-power cutting machines usually use a cutting power of more than 5.5 kW, a speed of 2800 rpm, and a large diameter of the cutting workpiece. Because the torque force during cutting is large, the damage to the cutting piece is also relatively large, so the cutting piece is required to have a certain rigidity. Therefore, under normal circumstances, we will use a cutting piece with a thickness of 3.8 mm.