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Choose where the grinding wheel is going

There are many types of grinding wheels. Whether the selection is suitable directly affects the quality of grinding, so that the grinding wheel manufacturers can teach you when to choose, in order to choose a high-quality grinding wheel?

For the choice of abrasives, the choice of abrasives with high toughness depends on the material of the workpiece and the method of heat treatment.

The choice of particle size depends mainly on the surface roughness and grinding efficiency of the workpiece being ground. When grinding with coarse-grained grinding wheels, the production efficiency is high. When grinding with fine-grained grinding wheels, the surface roughness of the ground workpiece is better.

The choice of binder is considered in terms of grinding methods, speed of use and surface processing requirements.

The choice of organization mainly considers the pressure, grinding method and workpiece material of the workpiece.

The choice of hardness depends mainly on the material of the workpiece being ground, the grinding efficiency and the quality of the machined surface. For materials with low hardness and high elongation, use a brittle abrasive. For harder materials, use a higher hardness abrasive.