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Grinding wheel characteristics

The characteristics of the grinding wheel include six elements of abrasive grain, particle size, binder, hardness, shape and size.

Common abrasive grains are corundum and silicon carbide.

Corundum is suitable for grinding steel and general tools. Black silicon carbide is used for grinding cast iron parts, and green silicon carbide is used for grinding hard alloys.

The size of the abrasive particles is expressed in terms of particle size. The larger the particle size number, the smaller the particle size. Coarse particles are used for roughing and fine particles are used for finishing.

The binder for the partial abrasive grains is a ceramic binder, a resin binder, a rubber binder, a metal binder, etc., and a ceramic binder is commonly used.

The hardness of the grinding wheel refers to the difficulty of the abrasive particles falling off at any point on the surface of the grinding wheel under the action of external force. Harder materials should be used for grinding harder materials, and harder grinding materials should be used for grinding softer materials. The harder the abrasive grains on the grinding wheel, the higher the hardness of the grinding wheel.

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